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Welcome to
JCR Inspection Services, Inc.

JCR Inspection Services in Glendale, CA is a deputy inspection company that serves a wide range of clients in the commercial sector in the Glendale and Upland area. We offer superior inspection and material testing services to clients in several counties. 

Our Mission

We constantly strive to show our clients why we are one of the leading special inspection companies in Southern California. Also, we aim to ensure that our clients’ construction operations are running smoothly and effectively.

We achieve this by getting only the best deputy inspectors to be part of our dedicated team.

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We are available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

JCR Inspection Services, Inc.
JCR Inspection Services, Inc.
JCR Inspection Services, Inc.
JCR Inspection Services, Inc.

Our Services

Prestress and Post-Tension Inspections

👉 Inspection of tendon repairs
👉 Inspection of tendon-stressing operations
👉 Tendon placement inspection

Concrete Inspections

👉 Concrete batch plant inspection
👉 Concrete placement inspection
👉 Concrete quality control 
👉 Rebar inspection
👉 Shotcrete inspection
👉 Drilled in Anchors
👉 Anchor Bolt Tension Load

Masonry Inspections

👉 During construction
👉 During grouting operations
👉 During prism-making and sample-taking

Welding and High Strength (HS)
Bolt Inspections

👉 During installation of HS bolts
👉 During welding of structural elements
👉 During welding of studs for composite steel and concrete construction
👉Non-destructive testing


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